Observations on Science and God

Just some observations and opinions.
So you’re probably wondering what quantum mechanics have to do with a religion and business major. I would have wondered the same thing.

I’m currently enrolled in a General Physical Science education course at MDC, and I used to think I hated science. I mean, as a religion major, science is probably not your favorite subject to begin with, but for some reason I convinced myself that I would hate taking any science course, and that it would be entirely useless.

Ever since I started MDC, I thought that with several courses. I thought many of the courses I was taking were meaningless. I slowly began to learn how much of an impact such silly classes had on my life perspective. I’m utterly fascinated with the ability of my classes to relate to my religious thought, and my view on God.

I know this may sound weird, but every class I’ve taken has shown me something new about God. The bible wasn’t kidding around when it talked about knowledge and wisdom showing more of His characteristics. I’m talking about every minor class. I remember being fascinated when I learned about how the human body worked in Psychology, and just telling myself what an amazing job God did in his design.

It probably stemmed from there. Telling myself ‘God did this, and this is how he did it, by designing this’.

Now before I go any further, I want to get all those anti-intelligent design people off my back. I’m not proposing the idea as a standard of science. If anything, I think theologians should look into it deeply. I hate it when people see things in either black or white. I enjoy science because from MY perspective, I can see how God created the known universe. I understand science stands on its own, but as a Christian and a Theist, I see science as merely the hammer and nails to the contractor. I see them as the tools God used to make reality.

To me things I find in life is another example of Gods creativity and unlimited intelligence. I See God as the most wonderful designer. When I sat in my Biology class, and learned about the amazing levels of organization needed to maintain an ecosystem, I was struck. I continued to tell myself the same thing: How could such organization, and such dependence on other creatures/enviroments, be so perfectly arranged?

As I sat through my biology class, and learned about the cell, and how it perfectly emulates a factory, complete with power generators, cargo transportation, self replication, janitorial system, and etc, I was dumbstruck.

One theme that continued to pop up every time I dwelled deeper into science is that organization is obvious. In every matter of life sciences, I found organization and creativity. Everything reeked of systems. When I studied organisms, and organs, I saw blueprints. I saw design. I was fascinated.

I used to fear Darwinism. I thought the theory could replace God, but after actually sitting down in class and learning about the stuff (and removing my ignorance), I found it to be yet another tool God employed. I agree with some parts of it (natural selection, micro-evolution, etc) and disagree with others (macro-evolution, single ancestor, etc).

I don’t take either the crazy creation view or the neo-Darwinist one. I don’t believe we must be black or white. There are shades of gray.

It’s another tool God used. In the case with tools/machines, an intelligent design must have created it, and is free to use it. Some tools need actual direction in use (God being free to pick them up and use/alter them, like a hammer), while other tools could be self-regulated (like a machine).

In other words, I believe God has created all these aspects of nature and reality, and has the ability to pick them up and use them, alter them, or leave them be. Just as evolution works itself in nature, and can be a process left untouched, God could pick it up and alter it (creation, Cambrian explosion, etc), or leave it be.

I find this in all manners of science. I’m enthralled by everything I’ve learned of physics. The fact that we can take our known universe, cut it down into equations and numbers, and then use these known equations to predict the outcome of reality, or alter it is fascinating! I mean really, how can we go around saying reality was created at random, yet have examples in every major field of science that shows a perfectly organized universe, completely dependent on other factors. To believe that everything that is perfectly organized could have resulted from a self made sporadic action is to me, illogical.

It takes something to make something random, into something organized. I see this ‘something’ as intellect. A major quality of God being God, is infinite intellect.

Anyways, the equations that reflect themselves in reality are fascinating. Lets look at the force of gravity and Coulombs law (electro energy). Both are almost exactly the same. I understand these equations are man made, but both reflect the force of two different things. It’s as if God himself reflected one design into another. I know that’s far off, but it’s my perspective, and I’m entitled to it.

All the subjects are registered in my head as tools of God, just because they are saturated with such elements of precision and design. These are things I see as being tools in which God created the known universe








Protons, Neutrons, Electrons






The Spirit


In many of those you can find equations that can predict outcomes. To find an organized ability to predict a self made randomly generated universe makes no sense to me (logically speaking). If the universe were to have been randomly generated, then shouldn’t it continue to be random, with no central forces of organization? Organization coming out of chaos is silly.

But that’s clearly not the case. We have thermodynamics laws, Ohms law, Coulombs law, Newton Mechanics, and a BUNCH of other laws found in nature that have proved stable and unchanging.

I mean just look at the laws of thermodynamics. The fact that energy is never created or destroyed is AMAZING! The first thing I thought was that God, with infinite power and creativity, had to have put everything in the known universe when he created it in the beginning. The fact that we cannot take an element and destroy it, but rather channel it into different forms, is fascinating.

It just screams in my head the idea that God put everything into place, for His own purpose. We cannot destroy or create it, but energy itself cannot be destroyed or created. Rather we only have the ability to alter it. Yet at the same time, we are the only creature to reflect an honest ability to design complex systems of tools, or the concepts of aesthetics, art, compassion, love, music, etc.

Amazing isn’t it?

Well I’m running in a tangent. Maybe I could sit down later and reflect my thoughts in a more organized and constructive manner.

Either way, I wrote all of this just to remind myself how wonderful it is to see things I learn through the filter I carry. To take things and knowledge, and reflect it in a way to find different characteristics of God, is fascinating. In my mind it’s the job of every human being to find purpose and reason. To find why they were put on this planet, or find why things around them work. Finding ‘why’ is a central concept to finding oneself, and finding meaning in general. We’re curious creatures for a reason. We reflect Gods own curiosity, which could be a reason to why He created everything in the first place. To me, God is the reason to meaning, and God is the reason to many major things. I merely try to take the ‘Why’ and alter it in a way that I can take a peek of God.

God Bless,
-Leonard O


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