Thanks for dropping by!

This is going to be the new home of my blog. Instead of focusing on the old livejournal, or the extremely bland myspace blog, I’ve decided to open one up here. You’ll find entries mainly discussing religion, Christian living, and politics. Enjoy and God Bless!

-Leonard O


2 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. I expect to read nothing less than what you have to write.
    Also is there any way to rceieve email notification when you update this blog?
    Also I look forward to continually browing the pages.
    Also…I’m using ‘also’ for kicks.
    =D -Alejo


    You should let me make you a blog. A professional comical one. You’re quite funny. For 10 bucks, I could get you your own domain name and everything.

    I’ll design it and all.

    Let me know if interested buddy 😀

    As for email updates, I’m not sure. I’ll look into it.

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