I’m proud of my Golden Panthers


I know my football team is 0-3.

I know they lost their first game 0-59.

I know they just lost to UM 9-23

But I’m proud of them! I really am! I was there at their home games last year, and let me tell you it was depressing! They couldn’t score,, they couldn’t kick, they couldn’t rush, and they couldn’t keep me awake. The games were painstakingly boring, but thats beginning to change. I know ordinary people will look at our track record thus far, and say we suck, but from someone like me I see definate improvement!

I mean, our devision is tough to begin with. We did that on purpose. We want to play the bigger, harder teams out there. It’s good for our program, and it makes attendance exciting. To lose to UM by only 2 touchdowns is a great accomplishment. Compared with how we did last year, I’m very satisfied. We had a bunch of opportunities to score during the game, but at least we got some passing action! We made a nice 65 yard pass for a touchdown, and thats something that would have NEVER happened with out team last year. We even made a fieldgoal, something that was equally impossible with our previous team. Younger (QB) going to 104 passing yards is fantastic! Let me tell you, an 80 yard drive coming from FIU in the 4th quarter, followed by a 44 yard drive is something VERY good and VERY promising!

 In short I’m happy. It’s getting at leats entertaining, and it’s proving to be the slow formation of a true dynasty. I can’t wait till the football program at FIU grows gets some scars and experience, and really begins to ‘claw’ it’s way to the top.

 The stats speak for themselves:

1st Downs      11      18
Total Yards      264      428
Passing      105      224
Rushing      159      204
Penalties      10-83      12-93
3rd Down Conversions      0-0      0-0
4th Down Conversions      0-0      0-0
Turnovers      2      3
Possession      30:40      29:20


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