I’m Engaged!

I’ll write about it later, but here’s my view on Age and Engagement:

The argument can be seen in reverse. If you have found that person, who has been nothing but a completion to yourself, then the argue, to me, would be silly not to marry.

If you found the person you love, and the person who you’re clearly supposed to spend your life with, what rational argument can one make NOT to get married? If you have that person, are you going to put them off because of what kind of experiences? Other relationships? Sex?

Life’s lessons and experiences are only enhanced with that person whom you’re supposed to be with. As I was telling my friend: In the bible, Christ calls us to be the salt in the world. What role does salt play? When salt is added to food, it brings out the foods true flavor. It brings out

As such, my fiance brings about lifes ‘flavor’. Experiencing life with her, is better WITH her. She brings out the richness in anything I do. From silly things; playing video games, washing my dog, etc. To major things; planning the future, finances, etc.

Maturity can be estimated at an age (as you said, 25), but we very well know that that’s merely an estimation. Some individuals are forced to grow up early in life, due to dramatic events (my fiance). Other’s merely mature faster than others (myself). Others still, do not truely mature until they are in their 30s (my father).

Age is not the final arbiter of whether one should get married, on the contray, love is. Not the silly emotional ‘falling in love’ love. This isn’t puppy love. This isn’t an emotion.

It’s what I’ve learned love to really be: A Verb. Love is an action. Love is the process of doing. As scripture and Paul tells us, it’s kind, it’s patient, it’s slow to anger, it’s not self seeking (verbs). Love is the commitment of placing another persons interest above your own (as divine love, aka loving God, is placing His interest above your own).

Having learned this powerful and humble definition of love, through learning to truely love her, I can stand assured on this type of decision. What am I missing? truely? The benefits of being able to experience life through such a dedicated and lovely individual as my fiance, far outweigh any ‘life experience’, or trialed lessons, I could possibly ‘enjoy’.

Rather, enjoy can be summed up in one sentence: The though of waking up beside her.

With that all said, I stress love being the arbiter. Singleness IS a blessing though. As the Apostle Paul tells us, some are merely chosen TO be single. It’s a calling for some. I merely listened to and followed God, and he lead me to my knees before my fiance…


2 thoughts on “I’m Engaged!

  1. It is truly a blessing when the Lord presents you with such a wonderful gift as in your other half. I’m happy for the both of you may the Lord continue to bless the two of you.

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