Blog’s Success

With the 3,050+ mark having been exceeded today, I thought I’d let everyone know the successes of the Blog in terms of advertisement. My John Locke and the Declaration of Independence entry, which was a research paper I recently completed, has been extremely successful in garnering free top-located google-search spots. I’ve been getting about 10-20 daily hits on this article alone. Here are the search results and their places in google: 

Lockean Liberalism, 5th (out of 109,000):

Lockean Classical Liberalism, 4th (19,800):

The Declaration of Independence and Locke, 9th (out 344,000):

Lockean Equality, 4th (out of 129,000):

Arguments for Abortion, 12th (out of 1,670,000): 

All this without spending a dime on marketing. Awesome huh? 


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