FIU Judiciary

Student Government Judicial Branch:

The purpose of the Student Judiciary is to uphold the dignity of the FIU Student Constitution. This section of student government is made up of a Chief Justice and four confirmed Justices (which includes an Assoc. Chief Justice and an Assoc. Parliamentarian). The Student Judiciary works as a High Court to determine whether actions taken by the SGC (Student Governing Council) are within the boundaries set by the Constitution. In addition, the Student Judiciary works to maintain the constitutionality of Senate legislation and bylaws.

The Student Judiciary also serves as a neutral and impartial internal standards board for the SGC members, and protects proper division of SGA powers between branches (Executive, Legislative, & Judicial).

Similar to the United State’s Supreme Court, the Student Judiciary remains the chief agent for interpretation of the SGA Constitution, as well as a legal aid to the SGC regarding issues of interpretation. In addition, the Chief Justice serves as the SGC’s Parliamentarian to aid in questions and concerns regarding Parliamentary Procedure.

Judiciary Mission:

Our mission is to aid in the fulfillment and enrichment of the SGA Mission statement, by preserving the dignity of the Student Constitution, its intended separation of powers, and the impartiality and honesty of its Court.

The Judiciary:

Leonard O Goenaga
Chief Justice, SGC-UP

Juan S. Gil
Associate Chief Justice, SGC-UP

Saul Perez
Justice & Associate Parliamentarian, SGC-UP

Luis F. Robayo
Justice, SGC-UP

Greg Boulos
Justice, SGC-UP

Complaints & Grievances:

As stated in the Constitution, the Student Judiciary serves as a High Court in hearing complaints regarding the Constitution & SGC Members. The Court cannot initiate action by itself, and as such Students and SGC members are encouraged to file complaints regarding unconstitutional actions by SGC members and legislation.

Feel free to drop by the SGC-UP Office, GC 211 or email the Chief Justice at with such grievances. Grounds for complaints and removal can be found in Article VII of the SGA Constitution.

Downloadable Documents:

Student Constitution
Student Bylaws
Roberts Rules of Order (Public Domain, 1915) (
Parliamentary Procedure


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