The Embarassing 3rd Party.

The U.S. Green party is an absolute embarassment to the political system. I have been watching the Green Party’s choice for Vice President, Rosa Clemente, on CSPAN and it’s absolute torture! How embarassing it is to have such a terrible candidate. It truely speaks of their weakness. It was visual and audible torture to watch not only the lack of delivery, but the absolute bankruptcy of ideas. She’s been talking about hip-hop for the last 10 minutes…

The Libertarian Party, on the other hand, has chosen a fine candidate. Although he’s not a Ron Paul, Bob Barr has an intellectual attraction to him. Given, the Libertarian party is also lacking as a credible party, but they’re admirable in their fight none-the-less.

How embarassing it is to merely watch the lack-of-caliber in such a looney political party as the Greens. No wonder no one takes them seriously.


3 thoughts on “The Embarassing 3rd Party.

  1. Ben,

    Seriously. The Green Party is a joke. I’ve never cringed watching a would-be politition give a speech, but that was just awfully embarassing.

    Ron Paul should have just ran as a Libertarian Candidate, won 5% of the vote, become eligible for public funding in 2012, and gone from there.

    Alhough I’m happy this isn’t the case, as it would siphon votes from McCain, it would still be better than these ‘3rd parties’. I think it’s better I referred to them as ‘5th parties’, as to refer to them 3rd bestows some neighboring credibility to the two party system.

  2. like Ron Paul more than Bob Barr, But there is a movement growing to get these two to join forces. Two popular LP sites are both talking about a BarrPaul ticket. One is Barr Root and the other is Barr Paul 08. This ticket would spell trouble for the Gop for sure. I will leave the link if anyone wants to see

    I would probably vote for a Barr Paul ticket. Because I lean conservative. John McCain hasnt done much to get my vote. If he would be Huckabee on the ticket I would give him serious consideration. I am not excited about anyone yet. No candidate has a sound Energy Plan either. This is disturbing, seeing how we are in an energy Crisis. I am starting to come around to the Pickene Plan (energy Plan.) You can compare his plan to some of the candidates Plans at

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