Dear God, Thank you.

Thank you for showing me both love and mercy. My heart flows free with the honey of your compassion. Your grace floods my body with an ecstasy beyond explanation, and the evidence of your design in my upcoming marriage is shockingly beautiful. Hair raising. Heart pounding. Blood pumping.

If words could encompass the absolute beauty of your designed institution of marriage, I would not be worthy of putting it to pen. Your designs are flawless, and your measure is beyond my understanding. I fall flat with thanks, for I am not worthy of such a woman. Thanks again, for showing me such mercy.

Through this, I can merely utter my thanks, for providing me with not only a woman of my dreams, but more so the dreams you so perfectly knew would be best for me. You are truly a wonder, in every sense of the word, and I pray my marriage will be a reflection of such wonder. I pray my every day may be founded in the joy of exploring that wonder that dazzles me so.

May we, as one flesh, seek you, as all Love.



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