My First Campaign Position

It has been spring break, and how has Leonard O spent it? Working over 12 hours a day. I admit, I’m enjoying my work, and the thought of not having to interrupt it with studying or papers is enjoyable. I have been working on two things in specific:

  1. My E-Commerce website: I’ve been adding a bunch of new features and have been working on the Wedding and item portions. One new feature I’ve been adding allows you to click from the item screen different micro images of the colored shirt, which then brings that shirt up in fill. My sales have been doing fairly well, as you can see in the attached chart.
  2. Congas Guayaberas Sales ChartIn addition to working on my E-Commerce site, and having added my nifty header for this blog, my friend has asked me to join his campaign as the ‘Technology Chair’. This friend, Juan Carlos “Juanky” Robaina, is currently running as a Republican for District 117 of the Florida House of Representatives (oddly enough, my very district). I’ve basically been in charge of conducting online and techology related campaign activities, providing campaign outreach over various social media outlets, such as facebook, youtube, wordpress, flikr, twitter, etc. The position basically oversees that all outlets of the campaign are as up-to-date as possible, including desiging the image of the campaign, and maximizing tool of technology. Things I have worked on include:
  • Designing the campaign logo:
  • juankyrobainalogoDesigning the campaign website:
  • websitescreenshotDesigning the campaign Youtube Channel:
  • Designing Campaign Memos, Business Cards, Press Releases, Letters, Letterheads, etc.
  • juankyrobainabumpersticker1
  • juankyrobainabusinesscardbackelect
  • Designing the Campaign Store and its Products:
  • juankyrobainashoponlineDesigning the Campaign emails and their connectivity via hosting servers:,, etc.
  • Integrating online Campaign tools with Google Applications:,,, etc.
  • Designing the campaign Flikr Account to capture Juanky’s political journey:
  • juanky-pictureWorking with the domain hosting services, and both forwarding and masking domains (address will be within the 48 hours needed to settle forwarding).
  • Designing web banners, icons, and other items to market the site.
  • And a host of other things. I’ve found it quite fun, and I hope my efforts help Juanky in getting elected. Feel free to click any of the above links and pay my work a visit. God Bless.

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