FIU 30 Hour Famine

Click Here to Join Us Online!

Click Here to Join Us Online!

To Whom It May Concern:

Before this day is over, 26,000 children under age 5 will die because of hunger, disease and poverty. 14,000 of them will die from causes linked to malnutrition alone. Today… tomorrow… and the next day… That’s one every seven seconds.

But here’s the good news. Students in our beloved Florida International University are choosing to make a difference. They are getting ready to take part in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine (a 4/4 rated Charity by They’re going to raise money by not eating for 30 hours so that kids eat every day.

We have a vision. We believe that the Charity and Love of our fellow students can bond our University in common cause: feeding and loving the poor. We believe that the goals of tending to the impoverished and hungry can be accomplished within our shared collegiate community. We believe that we can overlook our factional divides, and together, we Students of FIU can bring about change in the malnourishment of hungry children worldwide.

Click here to Donate to FIU 30 Hour Famine

Click here to Donate to FIU 30 Hour Famine

However, our vision does not include simply one club or fraternity, but the combined union of the University as a whole. We believe this is possible, and we believe it is forth-coming.

What Can You Do?
·    Pledge to Fast with Us During the 30 Hour Famine! Help us increase awareness and raise funds for starving Children worldwide. Join us online at

·    Sign Our Online Petition and Pledge to Remain Hungry for Hunger!
·    Make any small donation! With just $1 feeding a hungry child for one day, EVERYTHING counts! The change you receive at lunch can literally be life-changing.
·    Join the 30 Hour Famine Team! We’re looking for officers, ambassadors and more. Ask about service opportunities.
·    Spread the Word! The more we share this opportunity, the more opportunities arise. Help us share this goal.Facts About Hunger
·    Every three seconds a child dies because he or she is malnourished or susceptible to disease.
·    As many as 1 in 5 children die before reaching their fifth birthday.·    Every $30 you raise, you feed and care for a hungry child for 30 days. $360 will feed and care for a child for an entire year.

I personally thank you for any future involvement. May our Panther Pride and compassion unite us in this Common Good. Thank You.

Leonard O Goenaga

FIU 30 Hour Famine Chairperson



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