Media Bias: The Poor Coverage of the Tea Party Protests

The Main Stream Media is absolutely biased. One need to merely compare not only the Presidential coverage, but now the Tea Party coverage. Over 200,000 individuals protested the size of government and debt, in 600+ locations across 300 cities all over the nation, and it had barely any coverage. The New York Times and the Boston Globe ignored the event entirely. Other networks barely gave it airtime. CNN decided to even have what they call a ‘reporter’ (who really seemed like an Obama Administration official) attack individuals at the site, and blame it on the vast right-wing Fox News conspiracy (what a joke). This is objective reporting?

No wonder CNN is incredibly behind in the ratings. Such insane biased reporting has NO room in the main stream media. The woman should simply be fired and forced to find another career.

Let us compare this daft empty hollow reporting with how Cindy Sheehan was treated. She received over a hundred mentions in the New York Times, and was protesting Bush’s ranch with a few dozen left wing code pink socialist. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN A COUPLE OF DOZEN TRUE RADICALS OVERRIDE IN COVERAGE THE PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS?

It is absolutely mind blowing. To add to this the spin placed upon the events by the left numbs our reason even more.

  1. They first spoke of a counter-protest by liberals. This was simply an epic failure (the only counter protest I experience was a guy with an Obama/Biden bumper sticker giving me the finger as he drove by me holding an American flag… I assume he was flipping off the flag).
  2. Then they tried to blame it as a vast right-wing conspiracy planned up by GOP bosses and Fox News. Are you kidding me? What insane ignorance. This was an organization plotted by blogs, twitter accounts, phone-calls, and facebook. To discredit it as anything else is politically poisoned judgment.
  3. Then they tried to paint it as angry conservatives protesting taxes. WHAT INANE IGNORANCE! THE PROTEST WAS AGAINST THE GROWTH OF GOVERNMENT, RECKLESS PORK BARREL PROJECTS AND SPENDING, $11,000,000,000,000.00+ IN NATIONAL PUBLIC DEBT, AND THE IMPENDING TAX INCREASES THAT MUST FOLLOW TO PAY FOR THIS DEBT! They may try to paint it as a partisan event, but this only discredits their ailing industry further (the Chairman of the Republican Party was not even allowed to speak at an event).

Perhaps if they actually went out, and did real reporting and journalism (i.e. their job), they would have discovered the actual message, instead of taking a lead from leftist blogs.

Seriously, regardless of your political convictions, clean your judgment and evaluate this honestly. Hundreds of thousands of individuals protested the size of government, the debt, reckless spending, and other anti-liberty based actions. How in the world does this merit less coverage than a fringe-leftist Cindy Sheehan, and her dozen or so campers?

It simply corrodes reason. The Media is biased.

Also, these claims of ‘Faux News’ as the source of political evil in the world is ridiculous. Fox News has more Independent and Democrat viewers than CNN and MSNBC. Simply look at the viewership, and determine whom has the most balanced audience:

2008 summary regarding Television News Viewership.* FNC: 39% Republican, 33% Democratic, 22% Independent
* CNN: 18% Republican, 51% Democratic, 23% Independent
* MSNBC: 18% Republican, 45% Democratic, 27% Independent

PS: Did anyone notice how peaceful the assembly of 200,000+ patriots was? No stories regarding fires, or broken windows, or arrests…

UPDATE: A video displaying that female ‘reporter’ getting a lashing from Tea Party supporters.


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