Abortion Discussion, 6/22/09



looks like the internet here is fading out this is a topic i need to educate myself more in i am pro-life to a certain degree, an open to changing my views this is something of yours that has rubbed off on me.


It’s such an important issue Luis. It begs something so much further. It begs something primal to the very foundation of our constitution, and government itself: Life.

Life precedes all law and government.


I wish I had the passion for the subject that you had


It is the foundation of assembly: the preservation of life.

It’s why we get together as humans and form societies and governments to begin with; because life is so important we need to protect and improve it.


I can only articulate it so much based on reason, and what information I get from you.


What then, is to say of the argument of abortion?

It is the argument of the importance human life has on society and government as a whole. The moment we can talk away this importance, what next?

This importance has to be realized. If we can cast away the early stages of our being as non-life, what is next?

I’m sure the Nazi’s were able to rationalize their killings. I’m sure totalitarian governments do the same.


that is very absolute

I like it though


It’s true.

You know why you like how it sounds?

Because it compels to your very nature.

Everyone works off the foundation that life is absolutely important.

Listen to this Luis.


Yes, an that I am a paranoid person and suspicious person, if the schemers can do that, they can definitely do far worse


A liberal will even go beyond it, and say life of nature, and life of animals is important. People do not stop and argue the value of human life; it is absolutely suggested. It underoots any discussion of gun rights, or private property, or affirmative action.

Imagine if I sat there and one day said “Affirmative action? Blacks are not as valuable as whites”

Or if I went up there and argued that they were not human life to begin with.

I would be considered currently insane, because they all assume human life (and rightly so!).

Reason is reason. Look what happened to slavery. The hypocrisy of it was realized.

Why not with babies in the womb?

After all, if there such a progression of reason to believe a child is a child before and after the procedure of birth?


I see where you are going with this, PETA and the Green movement value the earth and animals more than they do human life. To them we are seen as a cancer or virus upon this earth. And Only THEY because they care about the earth an animals are fit to live in it


Listen Luis. The absolute importance of human life is always assumed. You need to redirect someone’s focus on that assumption, and how it relates to abortion. If this was not assumed, and they were killed while in their mother’s womb, would they still be here, or would they be dead?


They would say they never existed.


Of course. Listen. Luis if I killed you while in your mothers womb, would you be here talking about abortion to begin with?

Of course not. Further more: If I killed you right now, would you be here tomorrow to talk about abortion? Of course not. What then is the difference? Being in your mother’s womb? The results are the same, are they not?


Your preaching to the choir I wish I could save this conversation to re-read to impound that logic on me


If you want me to have protections in place that prevent me from murdering you now, why not while in your mothers womb? After all, the results are the same.


The results are the same


Exactly. Imagine if you could personalize this to someone. Imagine how they would look at it. And then even more, if they were how could they protect the earth or the whales even?


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