A Word of Encouragement for Juan

I wrote this for a friend of mine as he travels to Venezuela. Simply some encouragement from one brother to another that I thought could perhaps encourage you as well. The content comes from a Church History I course I had with Dr. McKinion, as he explained to us our relation to the Old Testament, which he so rightly calls the Gospel according to the Prophets.

Juan I pray for you earnestly. I pray God will provide you opportunities to share His Son with anyone while you’re traveling. If at ever you need courage, find it in our Lord and the prayers we offer for His saints.

A quick word of encouragement: Remember when Moses went up to Mount Sinai, God gave him this promise: “Now if you will listen to Me and carefully keep My covenant, you will be My own possession out of all the peoples, although all the earth is mine, and you will be My kingdom of priests and My holy nation.” (Gen 19:5-6).

Incase you missed it, God was telling the israelites He would make them a kingdom of priests! A kingdom of the people whom would share His faith and glory and love and grace with all the nations.

What then happens with the Israelites? “Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain.” (19:17). God had saved them from the Egyptians. God had provided for them food and drink. And still, they were scared, and did not trust him. The opposite of fear is faith. They had none of it. Moses walked up Sinai alone.

God offered to make them a nation of priests if they only had faith. Instead, they had not enough, and what then did God do? God gave them the Law. As a father punishes his child by removing what they enjoy when they become unruly, so God punished the Israelites. Instead of making them a Nation of Priests, He made them a Nation WITH Priests. They were forced to carry the burden of the law, UNTIL the coming of the Messiah.

When Jesus came, He freed us of the law. He made us into His disciples. God gave His greatest gift. Through Jesus, God made us PRIESTS! He made us the vehicle in which the world would hear of His mercy and love. YOU, Juan, are a Priest. You are His own possession. A royal priest of God, entrusted with the sacred command, and chosen rightly by God, to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you,” (Matt 28:19-20). We are given this burden and this blessing. Nothing greater in life can be accomplished outside of this. To love God is to know God, to know God leads to loving His people, and to love His people is to share His message.

As you travel, remember you are His priest. Amen.

In Christ,

PS: May my prayers for you be like “a harp and gold bowls filled with incense,” (Rev. 5:24), a fresh, melodic encouragment to your soul, with the purpose of glorifying God. — Leonard O Goenaga


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