Falls Lake Dam, Hiking & Fishing, 10/12/09

Activity: Hiking & Fishing, 10/12/09
Location: Tailrace Fishing Area, Falls Lake Dam, Wake, NC
57 degrees C, Overcast/Slight Showers, Wind E at 3 mpg, 91% Humidity
Bait/Lures: 7″ Dark Purple Worm, Topwater Plug, Jigs, Mini lure.
Caught: Nothing


With the close of my Seminary’s Fall vacation, I just HAD to wet some lines. Still new to the area (its been about two months), I’ve been looking for a good place to go fishing and exploring. After some research, I’ve discovered Falls Lake, and decided to visit it’s eastern most portion this morning.

After waking up early and buying my fishing license, I drove a good 15 minutes to Tailrace Fishing Area, within the Army Corp. of Engineers section, and right behind Falls Lake Dam. I took about a 2 mile hike along Tailrace trial, which took me to the dam. I then walked across the dam to the edge, where I walked down to observe a small cliff-face. After this, I walked back, and forged my own trail along the sandy shore-line along the lake. After this, found my way back to Tailrace, and decided to wet some line.

I fished for only two hours, with no success. I tried a topwater chartruese plug for about 45 minutes, with no bites. I then tries a dark purple 7″ worm with no luck. I then tried a small sinking lure with no luck. This pattern continued until I had to leave. I’ll get the hang of it yet, and might even catch something!

Nice creek & picnic area within Talerace.

View of Talerace from atop the dam.

Sight alongside shoreline hike.

Hiking Elevation (ft)

Hiking Speed (mph)

My Performance

Activity: Walk
Date: 10/12/09  10:38 AM
Distance: 1.47 miles
Time: 1:06:45
Speed: 1.3 mph
Pace: 46′ 09 min/mile
Calories: 182

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