The Infinity Hotel

After a terribly difficult year of working and studying, you decide to take a vacation. After digging through an endless source of vacation magazines and websites, you decide on the famous six-star Infinity Hotel! You quickly pack your bags and drive for what seems like forever.

Finally you arrive, and it is as every bit impressive as it sounds! You quickly pass beneath an over-sized neon ‘VACANCY’ sign before offering your car to one of infinite amount of valet attendees.

In you enter, walking an almost endless opulent lobby, until arriving at the front desk. Smiling down at you is a woman, who offers a firm greeting: “Welcome to the Infinity Hotel, where we have an infinite amount of suites, and infinite as many guests within those suites!”

Quickly your demeanor changes. Your face grows visibly frustrated, and you point to the over-sized ‘Vacancy’ sign outside. “I have driven for what seems like forever, only to be told all your rooms are full? Why in the world does your sign read as Vacancy?”

The woman, obviously used to the response, maintains her wide smile, “Sir, we still do have vacancy, this is the Infinity Hotel! I can get you a room right away…”

At this point you scratch your head. What does the woman do to get you a room immediately?


One thought on “The Infinity Hotel

  1. This isn’t a paradox, it is a proof of the logical contradictions in the idea of true infinity. Infinity minus infinity equals infinity. Infinity only exists in a mathematical sense, not in an actual sense. Nothing real can be infinite.

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