My First Published Piece: “ABORTION: 33% MORTALITY RATE”

From the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission:

“This document, which was presented during the ERLC’s Fall 2010 Research Institute, compares reported abortions with the live birth annual mortality rate, with a brief overview of the impact of the Roe v. Wade decision as compared to the death toll within major U.S. military engagements.”

After hearing a statistic in SEBTS chapel regarding a 33% abortion mortality rate, I had decided to share such information online. Upon doing so a friend of mine challenged the claim, and asked for cited proof. I decided to verify the statistic myself, and began to compare the number of annual abortions with annual live births in the United Stated (through such public sources such as the CDC, the DHHS, and the AGI). The conclusion was shocking: For every two children that are born in the United States, one child is aborted. What makes this even more shocking is that research shows about 93% of abortions are done for social reasons (cannot afford a child, not ready to be a parents, etc). Danger to the health of the parent or child, as well as an abortion as a result of result of rape or incest, fall under the extreme and insignificant minority of abortion cases (<8%).

After this shocking discovery, I compared the 33% abortion mortality rate with the casualty and mortality rate of major U.S. engagements and wars. Shockingly, a man has a greater chance to survive the landings and battles of Omaha beach, or the jungle Island of Iwo Jima, then he does his mother’s womb.

Even more devastating, more individuals are killed in a single year by abortions then the total number of war dead from every U.S. military war combined.

You may find a PDF copy of the short five page report for download via the ERLC link provided above. It may also be found here.

I am grateful for professors such as Dr. Heimbach of SEBTS, who are confident enough in their students to present their student’s work to their peers. He even stated I may claim this as my ‘first publication.’ This was a special honor given the desire I have to serve the ERLC.


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