Sporadic Thoughts on ‘Animal Ethics’

Friend’s Status Update:
random thought of the day…how come people get upset with other people for eating animals but never complain when lions eat other animals…hehehe

I had thought about this the other day.

Specifically on the issue of ethics and the consumption/suffering of animals.I found out there are actually animal ethicist out there who have noticed that if they accept the premise that animals should not suffer (and us eating them causes suffering), then they must object to animals eating each other.Obviously, this leads to absurdity, as you cannot stop the consumption of an animal’s natural dieting (which practice does cause suffering to the eaten animal). You cannot simply tell a Lion NOT to eat a gazelle. To force a Lion to stop eating meat would then cause unnatural suffering to the Lion. One can respond by saying ‘Ah yes, but that is natural.’ To which some would respond that our method of dominion and consumption is natural as well.

By an extension of this principle, it can be said our consumption of animals is natural, just that instead of using natural claws and fangs to kill and consume [the natural lion], we use the creativity and ingenuity natural to man [the natural human].

Again, absurdity.

Leonard Goenaga

I’d also deny one can object to us eating animals on the grounds that the natural animal world is somehow more ‘fair’. There is nothing fair about a croc jumping at a baby gazelle as it’s drinking in a watering hole. Or a spider casting a web for a fly. Or a hawk with insane eyesight, razor-sharp talons and beak, and incredible speed as it flies down on a dumb little mouse.Our natural advantage is our creativity and ability to reason (in essence, our creative reason. The ability to ask 2nd and 3rd level questions). We are naturally utilizing what makes us the primal hunter.

One thought on “Sporadic Thoughts on ‘Animal Ethics’

  1. I love meat, but choose to eat very little. And I’m an animal sciences major.

    I don’t think it is unethical to eat it, but I do object to the factory farming methods that cause a great deal of unnecessary suffering to animals. We can do better.

    If you do a little research on the treatment of chickens who mass produce cheap eggs, feedlot conditions, it’s pretty awful.

    Most urbanites are completely insulated from the source of their food, and that is a sad thing. They have no appreciation for the life that sustains them, everything is sanitized and packaged in styrofoam. Some co-workers of my husband were giving him a hard time about deer hunting. They just couldn’t abide him going out to shoot “Bambi”. When he asked them if they picked their styrofoam hamburger packages off of trees they got mad!

    Meat is very good!

    Factory farming is horrible.

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