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The aim of this blog is to share my insight and perspective on issues dealing with or related to: Faith, Politics, Religion and Life.

About The Author:

Leonard O Goenaga was born to Cuban parents in Paramount California, and moved at an early age to his home city of Miami, Florida. While in Miami, Leonard received an A.A. from Miami Dade College, as well as graduated with a B.A. in Religious Studies and a 2nd B.A. in Political Science from Florida International University. In addition to graduating cum laude, Leonard interned with then Speaker of the House Marco Rubio, and served his undergraduate institution by structuring several important organizations and philanthropies, such as the FIU Student Government Judiciary (where he served as the Chief Justice), and FIU 30 Hour Famine (a campaign to raise worldwide hunger awareness and poverty). On October 2009, Leonard had the honor of marrying Katrina Lynne Martinez. A native Floridian born in Key West, Katrina is a cum laude graduate of the University of Miami with a B.A. in Religious Studies which focused in ethics and women in religion, and minored in Theater Arts. After graduating and marrying, Leonard and Katrina felt called to ministry and moved to Wake Forest North Carolina to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In August 2011, Leonard graduated nearly a year early with an M.Div. (Master of Divinity) in Christian Ethics.

Over this period, Leonard served as the Grassroots and Digital Director for the Vote FOR Marriage NC campaign, which successfully amended the state constitution. For his successful efforts, Leonard was awarded the prestigious Williams-White Award for the Practice of Christian Social Concern. He also continued to refine his work in digital engagement by serving as the Digital and Events Director for the Romney campaign and NCGOP in North Carolina, which was one of the only swing states to be won by the presidential candidate. In addition to his public service, Leonard has served the church as a pastor of a Filipino church in downtown Raleigh called Glory of God Christian Fellowship. Leonard credits his expertise in digitally engaging and communicating with audiences to his diverse academic and professional experiences, which range from starting a successful e-commerce boutique, to structuring successful digital political campaigns, and to serving as a pastor at a local church.

Leonard is currently in his second year pursuing a Ph.D. in Christian Ethics and Political Theology from Southeastern.  He lives in North Raleigh with his wife and beautiful 14 month old daughter, Charlotte Ann A Goenaga. Both are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second child in May 2014.

Leonard’s life goals can be found within Mark 12:28-34, & 16:15.

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God’s Blessings!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. It is mindblowing to me how willing you are to THINK. It is a rare attribute for our generation. Even though we may disagree sometimes, I still find myself incredibly attracted to your writing, and keep wishing more people were like you! – Nice ego stroke there. 😛

    I hope we cross paths again soon!!!

    love and adventures,

  2. Hi Leonard. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. It’s great to see young men and women of faith speaking out on world issues. I’m especially pleased to read that you plan on ministering to our heroes in the military.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. wow, you are so much like me!!!
    i am actually using some of the info on your website for my paper in my speech class. i am giving my speech on how you can know that you are saved. your psalm was a blessing. I too am sad about the things in the past i have done wrong. the bible says that where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. i am so glad for that. i deserve hell but God has blessed me and forgiven me instead.
    i am 19 and faithfully attend freedom baptist church. my pastor is sam vallini. you should look him up on google and check out some of his sermons. learning to Bible has truly blessed my life.
    i am also so surprised at how we polically agree. my dad raised me right. i too am a conservative republican christian. i believe that separation of church and state has been misinterpreted by congress now a days to mean that they don’t want God or the Bible in schools, when the idea was for the state to no control the church and the church to not control the state. people like me and you are rare. it is hard to find someone that believes the truths of the Bible and is fundamental.
    one of my fav books is Americas God and Country. it is full of quotes our founders said regarding their love of jesus and salvation and how religion and God are necessary in govt.
    I went down the lis of your political beliefs and unbelfs and what you are for and agains. i must say it made me smile. i never meet ppl that believe like that. me and my dad are sorta that only ones i know of around here.
    well best of luck to ya.

  4. k. so one more thing,
    i think personally that it is best for women to dress modestly according to the new testament. specifically, and i get a lot of criticism for this, but to wear skirts instead of pants. God does care how a woman that professes godliness dresses. modesty is key. anyways, i just thought i would throw that out there.

  5. Leonard,

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, “Concord Live,” and my guest lecture on Conservatism in your Political Ideologies class at FIU.

    Congratulations on producing a great blog of your own! I’m always glad to meet a fellow Christian and a fellow conservative. There are many more of us than we may realize.

    As I like to say- We are not orphans of the Modern Age: we are the children of the Cathedral Builders, for whom the ravages of Time hold no terrors.

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