Below you will find my attempt to organize apologetic material I have come across or written during my time as a seminary student. They will be arranged by various apologetic topics. It is my prayer that they may edify you as they have edified me.

On God

On The Trinity and its Persons:

On Scripture:

On The Sword (Church, Government, and Force):

On Morality

On Sexual Morality:

On Family:

On Prophecy:

On Christian Philosophy

On Cults, Sects, and False Religions:

Apologetic Video and Audio:

Personal Discussions:


3 thoughts on “Apologetics

  1. Albany, NY.

    Capital New 9 (Time Warner cable) was reporting attendance of over 2000. =)

    so you can add that to your list if ya want

    • I will be adding that, if you have a picture feel free to email it to me. I’ll be making a comic strip with all the major events and with their attendance numbers.

  2. So, Leonard. Nice blog. I’m really not into blogging since it is like a black hole, consuming one’s time, but am curious as to the dynamics. I have a little piece I composed last few days entitled “All Men Are Not Created Equal,” and wondered if you would like to post it on your blog? You can read about me on my website.
    Larry Clayton

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