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Taken and Shaken

An email exchange between myself and an individual questioning my reasons for defending traditional marriage in North Carolina. Taken and Shaken Advertisements

On Hell and Punishment

PDF FILE WITH OUTLINED ARGUMENT: On Hell and Punishment PART 1: SUMMARIZED PROPONENT’S ARGUMENT I. Ignorance, Deception & Bondage are Obstacles to Free Will A. Thus, if I suffer from some illusion that conceals God from me, I am not truly free to reject God. B. Thus Rm 9:16 C. Thus 2 Cor. 4:4 II. … Continue reading

ON TRUTH, cont.d’ (Truth, truths, and Mathematics)

“Miguel A.: I was confused by Leonard’s point.. his ‘truths’ about math are no truths, but rather mathematical postulates; assertions without proof.. not ‘truth’ ? Ultimately, when one asks, why is 2 + 2 = 4? One cannot offer a logical explanation, but… rather simply quantify a list of definitions that seem self-evident.. unless truth … Continue reading


PHI7550 Final Exam – JUDITH THOMSON’S ‘VIOLINIST ANALOGY,’ NORMATIVE & COERCIVE PREGNANCIES, AND THE WEIGHT OF CONSENT QUESTION 1:  Some people argue that Judith Thomson’s argument seems applicable only to pregnancy resulting from rape, where the sex was not voluntary.  If you do not agree because you believe it applies in other cases, explain and … Continue reading


CLICK FOR PDF COPY: PHI7550 Final Exam – POJMAN’S THREE RESPONSES TO DEATH PENALTY OBJECTIONS QUESTION 3:  Present and explain three objections to the death penalty that professor Pojman addresses.  How does Pojman respond to these objections?  Do you think he succeeds?  Explain and defend your answer. Pojman’s Three Responses to Death Penalty Objections In … Continue reading

Sporadic Thoughts on ‘Animal Ethics’

Friend’s Status Update: random thought of the day…how come people get upset with other people for eating animals but never complain when lions eat other animals…hehehe Leonard Goenaga I had thought about this the other day. Specifically on the issue of ethics and the consumption/suffering of animals.I found out there are actually animal ethicist out … Continue reading