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ON TRUTH, cont.d’ (Truth, truths, and Mathematics)

“Miguel A.: I was confused by Leonard’s point.. his ‘truths’ about math are no truths, but rather mathematical postulates; assertions without proof.. not ‘truth’ ? Ultimately, when one asks, why is 2 + 2 = 4? One cannot offer a logical explanation, but… rather simply quantify a list of definitions that seem self-evident.. unless truth … Continue reading

ON TRUTH AND GRACE (Truth vs. truths)

Correct, Eric. One can come to understand things that are true, such as the wrongness of raping children (moral laws/truths), or that something cannot contradict itself (logical laws/truths). However, one could not make sense of these truths (totality) without the source of Truth, namely that there is a Moral Order with Moral Laws and a … Continue reading