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Messianic Psalms

This is taken from Gleason Archer’s A Survey of Old Testament Introduction. Christ’s Ascension, Ps 68:18 (Eph 4:8) Christ’s Betrayal, Ps 41:9 (Luke 22:48) Christ’s Death, Ps 22:1-21 (Matt 27) Christ’s Deity, Ps 45:6-7 (Heb 1:8-9) Christ’s Exaltation, Ps 8:5-6 (Heb 2:6-9) Christ’s Kingship, Ps 2:6, 89:18-19 (Acts 5:31) Christ’s Lordship, Ps 8:2 (Matt 21:15-16), … Continue reading

Christ and Prophecy II

I can understand placing significant apologetic weight on explaining the empty tomb and the resurrection of Christ (given it’s centrality), but the more I am studying the Old Testament, the more impressed I become in regards to prophesy. Besides the Messianic Psalms, and other such depictions hinted earlier (and offered below), stuff like this is … Continue reading

Christ and Prophecy

I have always been interested in finding ‘proofs’ for Christianity, if such a thing could even be done. It has led me to study apologetics, philosophy, ethics, world religions, etc. As I was reading through my Holman CSB, I found an interesting article regarding a list of related Messianic prophecy. It is from my own … Continue reading