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PHI7550 Final Exam – JUDITH THOMSON’S ‘VIOLINIST ANALOGY,’ NORMATIVE & COERCIVE PREGNANCIES, AND THE WEIGHT OF CONSENT QUESTION 1:  Some people argue that Judith Thomson’s argument seems applicable only to pregnancy resulting from rape, where the sex was not voluntary.  If you do not agree because you believe it applies in other cases, explain and … Continue reading


CLICK FOR PDF COPY: PHI7550 Final Exam – POJMAN’S THREE RESPONSES TO DEATH PENALTY OBJECTIONS QUESTION 3:  Present and explain three objections to the death penalty that professor Pojman addresses.  How does Pojman respond to these objections?  Do you think he succeeds?  Explain and defend your answer. Pojman’s Three Responses to Death Penalty Objections In … Continue reading

Abortion Mortality Rate: 33%

PDF Document Regarding Rates and Statistics: Abortion Mortality Rate I. Abortion Mortality Rate Live Births Per Year[i] Since 1973-2005, there has been a yearly average of 3.78 million live births per year in the United States. The total number of live births from this period is approximately 121,000,000.[ii] Legally Induced Abortions[iii] For the same period, … Continue reading

Discussion: Abortion I

Leonard Goenaga: Interesting note: If a property owner invites someone into their private property, and then kills them, they are charged with murder. However, in an abortion, a woman invites a child into their body (sex), claims the human life to be their property, and executes innocence via abortion. The legality of private property with … Continue reading

Abortion Discussion, 6/22/09

Luis lol looks like the internet here is fading out this is a topic i need to educate myself more in i am pro-life to a certain degree, an open to changing my views this is something of yours that has rubbed off on me. 3:38pmLeonard It’s such an important issue Luis. It begs something … Continue reading

FIU 30 Hour Famine

To Whom It May Concern: Before this day is over, 26,000 children under age 5 will die because of hunger, disease and poverty. 14,000 of them will die from causes linked to malnutrition alone. Today… tomorrow… and the next day… That’s one every seven seconds. But here’s the good news. Students in our beloved Florida … Continue reading