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The Decline of Institutionalized Religion, and the Future of Faith in Europe.

Leonard O Goenaga Professor Thiel CPO3103 November 24, 2008 The Decline of Institutionalized Religion, and the Future of Faith in Europe.  When asked to define Western European historical identity, several things come to mind: the birth of the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the Scientific revolution, the birthplace of democracy, the enlightenment, modernism, secularization, and others. … Continue reading

The 21st Century Domino Theory

Leonard O Goenaga 9-18-08 INR3203 Paper 3 The 21st Century Domino Theory It is no doubt that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is simply one of the greatest foreign policy gurus in American History. Although there are many points in which to disagree with him, to deny this claim is foolhardy. Having played major … Continue reading

The Military’s Next Great Debate

Leonard O Goenaga                                                                                                             9-18-08                                                                                                             INR3203                                                                                                             Paper 2 The Military’s Next Great Debate It is no myth to emphasize the troubles the U.S. military experienced when first dealing with … Continue reading

My Take on Castro’s Resignation

It may, initially, appear to be nothing; however, totalitarian regimes (which Cuba certainly is), have a terrible tendency of running into severe leadership and state issues when power changes hands from the original charismatic founder of the movement.  As we saw with Russia after Stalin, and China after Mao, reformers within the single party begin … Continue reading

Opening Pandora’s Sandbox: The Lebanon 1958 Intervention

Leonard O Goenaga Professor Cox INR3102 November 19 2007 Opening Pandora’s Sandbox             In the spirit of addressing modern foreign policy dilemmas in the Middle East, it’s always important to trace histories footprints to find areas where current problems and attitudes were initially planted. It’s of grave interest to both students and those in high … Continue reading

Iran’s Theocratic Attempt at Hybrid Democracy

Leonard O Goenaga Professor Friedheim CPO2002 Comparative Politics April 10, 2007 Iran’s Theocratic Attempt at Hybrid Democracy “Is Iran inventing a unique, new and Islamic form of democracy?”   Outline   I.      Opening a.     “I walked up to my friend Hani, who happens to be an Iranian Native, and gave him a quick quiz on … Continue reading