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Father’s Day

Our Father is the source of all love (1 Jn 4:7-8). Our Father models what genuine love is (4:9-10). Our Father commands us to love each other (4:11-12). He doesn’t rest in describing His love, but acting upon it through the giving of His Son. His love isn’t a statement, but salvation. It works towards … Continue reading

EXPOSITION: Protection, Provision, Praise

“You are are on verge of victory, or the enemy would not show his hand.” (Pastor Stidham) “Lifting you up in prayer right now brother! psalm 91!” (Jay Burke) “July 6, Morning “Whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.” – Pro 1:33 Divine love is rendered conspicuous when … Continue reading

Why I Chose Ministry Over Politics and Medicine

[My friend asked me why it was I felt called to go into ministry. With my background, I had been determined to either become a lawyer or a doctor (Otorhinolaryngologist), and then run for public office in legislative politics. He asked me why I chose ministry over these options, and my response is below.] Luis: … Continue reading

My Experience with Soulforce

Recently I learned Soulforce, a gay activist group that attempts to express how Christians commit spiritual violence by adhering to thousands of years worth of Church teaching and tradition on the subject of homosexuality & sin, was coming to visit my Seminary (Southeastern Baptist, SEBTS). Being a student of Ethics, and having recently written a … Continue reading

Christ and Prophecy

I have always been interested in finding ‘proofs’ for Christianity, if such a thing could even be done. It has led me to study apologetics, philosophy, ethics, world religions, etc. As I was reading through my Holman CSB, I found an interesting article regarding a list of related Messianic prophecy. It is from my own … Continue reading


IS SEXUAL IDENTITY FIXED? RESPONDING TO THE WILDFIRE MYTH OF ‘GENETIC HOMOSEXUALITY’ A Research Paper Presented to Professor Daniel R. Heimbach In partial fulfillment of the requirement for ETH6550B Moral Foundations of Marriage & Family Leonard O Goenaga Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary December 10, 2009 IS SEXUAL IDENTITY FIXED? RESPONDING TO THE WILDFIRE MYTH OF … Continue reading