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Discussion Regarding the Biblical Perspective of Eating Meat, and Hunting

From the following discussion: A biblical perspective (personal exegesis and scriptures from about): Humans are made in the image of God, animals are not (Gen 1:26). God commands man to rule over the earth, and to rule over the animals (1:28). The Hebrew makes the comment ‘to subdue’, (kabash), or to bring under subjection … Continue reading

Falls Lake Dam, Hiking & Fishing, 10/12/09

Activity: Hiking & Fishing, 10/12/09 Location: Tailrace Fishing Area, Falls Lake Dam, Wake, NC Conditions: 57 degrees C, Overcast/Slight Showers, Wind E at 3 mpg, 91% Humidity Bait/Lures: 7″ Dark Purple Worm, Topwater Plug, Jigs, Mini lure. Caught: Nothing Greetings! With the close of my Seminary’s Fall vacation, I just HAD to wet some lines. … Continue reading