Resume in PDF Format:


Projects & Portfolio

(The following projects and websites were initiated, produced, and led by Leonard O Goenaga, attesting to his workmanship outside of being a full-time student and part-time employee [includes all attached documents, logos, graphics, and other such material]):

CongasGuayaberas.com E-Commerce

A Cuban-American Family owned & operated clothing retail store, specializing in Cuban Guayaberas and Panama Hats. We also specialize in Linen Shirts, Cotton Guayaberas, Cubaveras, Uniforms, Guayabera Parties, Weddings, and other Cuban-inspired clothing and tropical wear.

ZEAL Youth Ministry, Glory of God Christian Fellowship

Glory of God Christian Fellowship is a body of Filipino believers in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle, who meet, worship, and serve collectively in Raleigh, NC. I serve the body as their Youth Pastor, teaching the scriptures and exhorting biblical living to the Youth. In addition, I serve the various families to promote an inter-generational and biblical approach to church.

  • GGCF Youth Ministry Website, Site made and managed by myself. Includes various topics, youth blogs, media, calendar, and more.
  • GGCF Youth Ministry Facebook Group, promote Youth Ministry Activities to members and seekers via Facebook Social Media.
  • Additional Ministry Tools and Resources, Check Ministry Page.

Baptist Chaplains

A Fellowship Group for Current, Future, and Past Baptist Chaplains.

FIU Student Government Judiciary

As Chief Justice of 2008-2009 FIU Student Government’s Judiciary, I had the unique opportunity to formulate, implement, and lead a Judiciary from the ground up. It was met with tremendous success. Below are several documents designed and used for the Judiciary, as well as additional work.

Juan Carlos “Juanky” Robaina for FL House of Representatives District 117

Designed the website for Juan Carlos “Juanky” Robaina, who is running for the FL District 117 seat of the FL House of Representatives. Besides the website and graphics, I also designed various forms of campaign material.

FIU 30 Hour Famine

A Philanthropy, Fund-raising, and Hunger Awareness project aimed at helping the over 26,000 children under the age of 5 who will die because of hunger, disease and poverty. I led student groups in promoting such awareness, as well as participating in a 30 hour famine that allowed students to raise fund and experience what children all over the world experience: hunger.

Help Hani

Christian Activist and Support Effort to Aid a Religious Asylum Candidate  from Iran.

FIU Students for Faith and Fair Funding

FIU Students for Faith and Fair Funding (FSFFF) seeks to accomplish, at the University level, equal and fair representation for Faith-Based initiatives, the Multi-Faith Council, Multi-Religious Groups, and fair-funding minded students.


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